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DNS Lookup: Multi DNS?

Checking A record for alltel.net using Cloudflare DNS server ( (or click here to check using the Google DNS website.)
Host alltel.net not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Multi DNS Options: No/off=Check one random public server. Yes=Check public DNS servers. Special=Check DNS servers authoritative for zone/domain.

The authoritative DNS servers for this host are: a.gtld-servers.net, b.gtld-servers.net, c.gtld-servers.net, d.gtld-servers.net, e.gtld-servers.net, f.gtld-servers.net, g.gtld-servers.net, h.gtld-servers.net, i.gtld-servers.net, j.gtld-servers.net, k.gtld-servers.net, l.gtld-servers.net, m.gtld-servers.net.

Run at: Sat Feb 29 01:08:58 EST 2020

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