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DNS Lookup: Selector: Domain: Multi DNS?
Using selector "google."
Check SPF instead.   Lookup TXT record with Google DNS.  
Checking TXT record for google._domainkey.spamresource.com using Unbound DNS server (

Public key info: 1024 bit, RSA signature appears properly formatted. (Note: this does not confirm that
your MTA is configured to properly sign messages with DKIM. Always check a sample message! But
this does confirm that the DNS entry for the public DKIM key for this domain is correct.)

Multi DNS Options: No/off=Check one random public server. Yes=Check public DNS servers. Special=Check DNS servers authoritative for zone/domain.

The authoritative DNS servers for this host are: ns1.hover.com, ns2.hover.com.

Run at: Thu Dec 9 00:54:26 UTC 2021