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SPF Lookup: Multi DNS?

Checking TXT record for spamresource.com using Unbound DNS server ( (or click here to check using the Google DNS website.)
spamresource.com descriptive text "google-site-verification=h3K63l1nTpj6jTcA-jYaz2X-MMpSZzINWb5epr9iO4Y"
spamresource.com descriptive text "v=spf1 ip4: ip6:2607:f2f8:a760::2 ip4: include:_spf.google.com -all"

Test this SPF record with the Kitterman SPF validation tool by entering the sending IP address and pressing the submit button.
IP address:     Check DKIM instead.

Did you receive spam from spamresource.com? Try looking up where to send a spam report using abuse.net.
Or check its IP address in ARIN and look for an abuse contact.

* Note: "SPF" lookup checks TXT records but only returns ones containing "v=spf1", and will not display other TXT records found in DNS.

Multi DNS Options: No/off=Check one random public server. Yes=Check public DNS servers. Special=Check DNS servers authoritative for zone/domain.

The authoritative DNS servers for this host are: ns1.hover.com, ns2.hover.com.

Run at: Thu Dec 9 01:54:59 UTC 2021